Watercooler 8/1/2016 Open Thread: The Law and the Land of Opportunity

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What It’s Like To Be A Black Cop In The Age Of ‘Black Lives Matter’

As a black police officer, I found myself stuck in a balancing act from the start, like walking a tightrope right between two perennially warring foes. I am a three-time Army veteran of Afghanistan and a former law enforcement officer. I am also black. Every male in my biological family has been to jail or prison at least once. I’m the sole exception, unless you count the many times I’ve escorted others to jail.

No, the Constitution Does Not Bar ‘Religious Tests’…

Properly vetting would-be immigrants’ religious beliefs is not only legal — it would be wise and prudent. Of all the ignorant pronouncements in the 2016 presidential campaign, the dumbest may be that the Constitution forbids a “religious test” in the vetting of immigrants. Monotonously repeated in political speeches and talking-head blather, this claim is heedless of the Islamic doctrinal roots on which foreign-born Islamists and the jihadists they breed base their anti-Americanism. It is also dead wrong.

Seven Years Later, Recovery Remains the Weakest of the Post-World War II Era

Even seven years after the recession ended, the current stretch of economic gains has yielded less growth than much shorter business cycles. In terms of average annual growth, the pace of this expansion has been by far the weakest of any since 1949. (And for which we have quarterly data.) The economy has grown at a 2.1% annual rate since the U.S. recovery began in mid-2009, according to gross-domestic-product data the Commerce Department released Friday.

Seven years of hope and change, and this is the state of our Union. While we let another week slip behind us, waiting patiently for the sweet meteor of death…let’s enjoy the open thread…

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