Watercooler 7/25/2016 Open Thread: Monsters to the Left and Right

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It’s Not My Party

You reap what you sow. For a generation since Ronald Reagan left Washington — that would be the Ronald Reagan who knew that “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” was a punch line — the “conservative” Republican party has sown an incoherent statism that has trouble telling the good guys from the bad guys. On Thursday night came the harvest: The party was formally taken over by an incoherent statist whose “conservatism” is not done justice by scare quotes. Oh . . . and he has trouble telling the good guys from the bad guys.

For Trump’s ascendancy is the monster created by a feckless political party who betrayed so many people they forgot who they were to oppose that which they hate. Just remember, though, how the story ends. Dr. Frankenstein always ends up hating the monster he gave birth to. And the two are never truly free of each other until death.

If 2016 is a disaster, Cruz will be the only major Republican to emerge from the Trump fiasco with his principles intact.

Say what you will about Ted Cruz’s politics or personality, but it takes a special kind of badassery to stand up at a convention — in front of millions of viewers — and unfurl a comprehensive attack on the party’s nominee. It’s also unprecedented!

Hopefully, the sweet meteor of death is on the way. Until it gets here, enjoy the open thread…


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