Watercooler 6/27/2016 Open Thread: Brexit

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Reflections on the Shock of Brexit

…this is a verdict that parliamentarians or ideologues will not be able to challenge at some later date. It has ironclad political legitimacy. As our own recent troubles with the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments currently show, however, the best rules are useless without men and women courageous enough to defend them.

An Open Letter from Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to British Elites of 2016

“Dear Sirs and Madames:
From our heavenly perch the news of Brexit from your country calls up recollections very dear to our minds. It carries us back to the times when, beset with difficulties and dangers, we were opponents in the same conflict, with our fellow Americans struggling with you for what is most valuable to man: his right of self-government.”
Globalism, championed almost exclusively by political and economic elites, has been the dominant force in the West for a hundred years. World War I and the League of Nations established the framework for multinational military excursions, while the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank set the stage for the eventual emergence of the US dollar as a worldwide reserve currency.
God save the Queen!
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