Watercooler 6/20/2016 Open Thread: War, Rulings, and Free Speech

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Fourth Generation War Comes To America: What Are You Going To Do About It?

Orlando is not the first mass shooting by a so called ‘Lone Wolf’ Islamic Jihadist in America; it’s the seventh in recent years but this one is different. The knee jerk reaction from the political left and their media enablers has (unbelievably) gained traction in the establishment media. The Orlando massacre has nothing to do with guns; decreasing the civil liberties of law abiding Americans is not the answer.


What the Latest Net Neutrality Ruling Means for You

Last week, the DC Circuit Court upheld a ruling confirming that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is allowed to do pretty much whatever it wants with respect to regulating the internet.

University Bias Report Filed Because Someone Wrote ‘Free Speech Matters’ on a Poster Read

A bias-response incident report was filed at University of Northern Colorado because a student wrote “free speech matters” on one of the 680 “#languagematters” posters that had been placed around the school warning of the dangers of using politically incorrect words and phrases.
“I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees. Down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord above for mercy, ‘Save me if you please.'” h/t Cream
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