Watercooler 5/31/16 Open Thread:


7 Reasons You Should Vote For Hillary Instead Of Donald

Donald Trump is not worthy of your vote. He is manifestly unfit to be the president of these United States; he is perhaps the least qualified, most unqualified candidate to ever secure a party’s nomination.


New York AG Abuses Governmental Power, Goes After Domino’s Pizza

On Tuesday Mr. Schneiderman announced that he is suing Domino’s Pizza because he believes that 10 Domino’s franchise pizza stores in New York underpaid their workers. He alleges that the national company Domino’s is the joint employer of the workers employed by the franchises, and so they are responsible for the underpayment.

British mod movie Quadrophenia sequel is being made – 37 years after the original

A sequel to the iconic British mod movie Quadrophenia is being made – 37 years after the original. The new film will star many of the same cast members as the 1979 cult hit – singer Toyah Willcox, 58, Mark Wingett, 55, Phil Daniels, 57 and Trevor Laird, 58, and will start filming in London this summer.

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