Watercooler 5/10/16 Open Thread: Healthcare, Minimum Wage, and...Milton Friedman


Obamacare Update: Insurance Premiums Set To Explode Higher In 2017

Starting in Virginia, Anthem Inc and Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield are proposing 15.8% and 25% increases respectively.


Humana may exit Obamacare individual plans in some states

U.S. health insurer Humana Inc, which plans to be bought by larger Aetna Inc, is considering ending the sale of Obamacare individual plans in some states in 2017 to stem losses there.

Minimum wage increase is a major loss in California

California recently became the first state to enact a $15 minimum wage, and the business community is stunned.

Milton Friedman on Minimum Wage

Milton Friedman discusses the effects of minimum wage, dispelling the myth that it is a Good Thing.

Milton Friedman – Redistribution of Wealth

Milton Friedman clears up misconceptions about wealth redistribution, in general, and inheritance tax, in particular.


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