Journalist Who Exposed Wagner Mercenary Massacre Dies After Falling Out a Window

Something Redstate has been covering since it broke is the story of Wagner Mercenaries who attacked United Special and Syrian Democratic Forces in eastern Syria and were soundly humiliated. CIA Director Mike Pompeo confirmed on Friday that “a couple of hundred” mercenaries got killed in the firefight outside Deir Ezzor, Syria along the Euphrates River.


As if that wasn’t confirmation enough, a report surfaced today that the journalist, Maxim Borodin, who broke the story, fell out a window in his fifth-floor Yekaterinburg apartment to his death. The joke during the Cold War used to be “it isn’t true until the Kremlin denies it.” In this new phase, the saying should be “it isn’t true until the journalist who broke the story is dead.”

It is a disturbing pattern of journalists who embarrass Russia who end up dead and this story seriously undermines the myth of Russian invincibility. 


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