34 Dead In Manila From Suffocation After Attack And Arson

A bizarre and horrific scene played out at a Casino and resort Manila, Philippines. 34 people suffocated after an armed man stormed the tourist attraction and started stealing chips and lighting tables on fire causing a panic to set in among the guests. The armed man fled to a hotel room where he later killed himself. Witnesses reported that the gunman spoke English and was tall that was the only descriptor given of the attacker.


“He had doused himself in gasoline as he lay in bed under a blanket and set himself on fire” Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa said.

Despite reports of ISIS releasing the name of the attacker Chief dela Rosa also went on to say

“This is not an act of terror. There was no element of violence or threat”

The Philippines has recently seen Duterte declare martial law after Islamist seized control key government buildings in Marawi  a city of 200,000 people in a standoff that has lasted for almost a week.

This story is still developing and will updated as it unfolds.


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