Hillary Clinton and Two Liberal Congressmen Call Heroes of Benghazi Liars

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the first one to call the three heroes of Benghazi liars after their story is reaching more Americans through their book and now a new movie released two weeks ago by the same name, 13 Hours, The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.  That “honor” goes to two liberal Democrat Congressmen.  Former Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet and President of an international security consulting firm (Lyons) will take the side of the heroes of Benghazi against the two Congressmen at the Freedom Leadership Conference in Fairfax, VA on Thursday, February 4, sponsored by Uniformed Services League and GrasstopsUSA.  Their ad campaign promoting the movie and their conference is expected to reach 10,000 northern Virginia conservatives before the Conference and more people with the video and text of Admiral Lyons’ conference remarks later via their free e-newsletter and Facebook page.


The two Congressmen, Adam Smith (D-WA) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) issued a statement blasting the three former U.S. military special operators under contract to the CIA that night in Benghazi as the U.S. consulate Security Team, saying they were just trying to sell books and they were lying.  The video which accompanies this article illustrates the story on the Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, including interview with the three Benghazi heroes called liars.

The statement by the two Adams (Congressmen Smith and Schiff) said “both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees interviewed these three contractors of the official U.S. Security Team in Benghazi, Libya, their supervisor and others on the ground and concluded that there was no improper stand down order.  To second guess these decisions made in the fog of battle is both unfair to the brave personnel involved and highly irresponsible.”

Hillary Clinton and two liberal Congressmen called the heroes of Benghazi liars.  Admiral James Lyons to counter attack at Freedom Leadership Conference on Feb. 4 in northern Virginia.  His remarks to be available at the conference website (both video and text).
Ad campaign running on Facebook this week. Hillary Clinton and two liberal Congressmen called the heroes of Benghazi liars. Admiral James Lyons to counter attack at Freedom Leadership Conference on Feb. 4 in northern Virginia. His remarks to be available at the conference website (both video and text).

The Supervisor, the CIA Chief of Station who is shown shouting at the four former special operations warriors (one died so presumably the Congressmen aren’t calling him a liar) three times STAND DOWN as four members of the Security team, former U.S. Army Rangers, Navy Seals and marines, anxiously begged to be allowed to respond to the calls for help from the Americans under siege by Jihadi terrorists.

The assault happened less than one mile away at the consul annex, and the cowardly supervisor has since then been given a medal by Barack Obama’s CIA.  The conduct of the men who ignored his shouted STAND DOWN orders, was labeled “shameful” by Obama’s CIA.

Asked about this later, the Secretary of State at that time and now frontrunner for the Democratic Party nomination for President Hillary Clinton, also joined in calling the heroes of Benghazi liars.  Their conduct during the 13 hours of attack by Jihadi terrorists in Benghazi was called “shameful” by the CIA.


Sean Hannity interviewing the three former U.S. military special operators Kris Paronto, Mark Geist and John Tiegen together with one of the two Congressmen who had called them liars.  The Congressman, Adam Smith, while refusing to back down from his original statement calling them liars, said on the Hannity show that “it was just semantics” about their being ordered to STAND DOWN three times as their supervisor refused them permission after they had begged him to be allowed to go the rescue of the besieged Americans at the annex.

A visibly angry Kris Paronto, one of the heroes of Benghazi, said “I want to say to (Congressman) Smith, was he there on that night with us?  Where he was?  Because that’s what happened.  We’re telling you what happened on the ground.”

Later Congressman Smith responded to the criticism of his having called the three heroes “liars” by saying that what he really meant and was referring to was that no “stand down” order had been given to U.S. personnel in Tripoli, Libya, and not the far away city of Benghazi where the attack took place.

That is of course rather absurd – it is like saying that in Fairfax City, Virginia, no stand down order was given, which is undeniably true and totally irrelevant.

The question is, what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012?  Why weren’t the requests of the Ambassador for better security, granted?  Why weren’t the concerns expressed by the security team – as clearly shown now in the new movie – listened to?

Why were they ordered to “stand down” and where was any U.S. response or help to defend American lives while a drone circled overhead beaming the images of the unfolding battle back to Washington, D.C. where President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to this date have not been forced to tell the truth?

Who made the decision at President Obama’s CIA to label the conduct of these heroes “shameful” that night, and who made the decision to give a medal to the cowardly bureaucratic minded CIA Station Chief instead of firing him and putting him on trial for criminal negligence and obstructing efforts to save the U.S. Ambassador and the other Americans under attack?


We don’t know about the deliberations of the United States Senate and House on this topic, many of which have been in secret, and others of which appear to be inconclusive debates between the conservative critics and the liberal defenders of President Barack Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We don’t know why so many Republican Congressmen – both Senators and House members – are unable or unwilling to more directly confront the President and the then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and their bureaucrats and get answers and get results.

But it has just got a lot easier for the American people to be able to take sides.  A lot easier for the American people to see the truth.

The heroes of Benghazi, the usually secretive members of that warrior elite we call special operations, whose code of silence usually continues in their employment after they have left active military duty, have now broken their silence and told their story.

Sure, it marks the end of any chance of employment by the government in the future, perhaps ends their careers, their speaking out like this.  It breaks the code of silence.  But they are speaking out for a simple reason: what happened that night was dreadfully and terribly wrong, and they believe we the American people deserve to know the truth.

Their book and their movie are there for Americans to read and watch.

With 528 new theaters rushing forward in the last week to obtain the movie for showing and bringing the new nationwide total to 3000 theaters, the liberal-left’s attack tactics may end up failing completely.

Admiral James "Ace" Lyons (USN, Ret.) will speak out about the Benghazi Heroes and the coverup at Freedom Leadership Conference on Thursday, Feb. 4.
Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (USN, Ret.) will speak out about the Benghazi Heroes and the coverup at Freedom Leadership Conference on Thursday, Feb. 4.

We have reports from our supporters that this past Saturday  in Fairfax County, location of a conference focused on this movie which will be addressed by Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (USN, Ret.), some individuals who tried to watch an afternoon movie found all seats were sold out.  They immediately tried to buy tickets for the evening seating but found there were only three seats in different places around the theater that were left.


Why has it taken so long and we still don’t have the full story about what happened in Benghazi?  Why didn’t President Obama and Secretary of State allow the military to do their job and get there to help the embattled Americans?  Why did they lie about what happened afterwards?

First they stalled or as Hillary put it during the Nixon Watergate impeachment hearings before they fired her for lying, he “stonewalled.”

Then Hillary said in her first testimony to Congress,  as they demanded answers, “what difference does it make.”  Then they ignored the story as it finally came out in the book by the three heroes of Benghazi, and now the movie based on the book.

And finally now as more Americans are learning the truth with the release of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, they have gone on the attack.

The question is, will conservatives use social media to get the word out to family and friends and everyone they know to watch this movie?

Will angry conservatives match what Admiral James Lyons has done on his own time, taking time away from his consulting business and from the simple business of relaxing after a lifetime devoted to the service of this country?

Admiral Lyons has been a strong critic of President Obama’s defense policies in general but has especially zeroed in on the fiasco at Benghazi where America’s official policy was to abandon Americans serving under our flag and under attack by Jihadi terrorists.

Admiral Lyons will speak without his customary speaker’s fee (honorarium) at the Freedom Leadership Conference on Thursday, February 4, 2016 on the subject of this movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Warriors of Benghazi and the heroes who refused an immoral and shameful order to “stand down.”

Lyons, the former Commander of the Pacific Fleet and a retired four-star admiral with nearly40 years of service, has been an outspoken critic of President Obama in the past, and is the President and CEO of LION Associates, which provides strategic consulting on foreign policy and security matters.  He has been a guest on TV talk shows and has written over 300 op-ed articles including at the Washington Times.  His prepared remarks at the Freedom Leadership Conference will be available after, via video recording and full text.


The sponsors of this month’s conference, GrasstopsUSA and Uniformed Services League, have undertaken a social media promotion campaign which includes paid advertising on Facebook as well as articles posted at nearly 200 Facebook Fan Pages and Groups, hoping to reach 10,000 conservatives and national defense enthusiasts who reside in northern Virginia near the conference Fairfax location next Thursday.  The Freedom Leadership Conference Facebook page has expanded to nearly 1000 supporters in recent weeks.

The President of GrasstopsUSA, which is co-sponsoring this conference for the second time, is Christopher Carmouche, who will deliver remarks on the conference theme of the heroes of Benghazi.

The other conference sponsor, which is presenting Admiral Lyons, also will present to the conference, Michael Pregent, former Intelligence Advisor too General Patreaus and Director of Veterans Against the Iran Deal.

The media blitz promoting 13 HOURS The Movie and The Conference, has reached 4,469 people as of this writing, as well as repeated messages to the 901 Conference “Fan Page” members and nearly 200 Conference Members and Subscribers reached by e-mail newsletters.

The ad campaign continued until this past Saturday when the budget limit was reached, but with several new contributions arriving after that stop, was resumed and expected to continue until Tuesday night February 3 (visit their website, Facebook page or write RSVP@[email protected] to help).

One of the moderators of the Young Americans for Freedom alumni group called YAF ARCHIVE posted a message to this informal association of individuals who helped found the modern day conservative movement starting in the early 1960’s after receiving one of the conference promotional e-newsletters.

This alumni of more than 40 years of active duty on all battlefronts of the conservative movement in the memo to his YAF alumni associates, said in an email forwarded to this REDSTATE writer, “The patriot’s duty….. go see this film – and bring several family/friends with you.  Then consider doing what I did in the case of ‘Passion of the Christ’….stopping by the theatre box-office again in the days after you’ve seen it, or buying a ticket online, to amp up the ‘box office take’ $$$ report for the movie.  You don’t have to go see it again…give the ticket to a student or do nothing….it will be a small investment in America” (YAF ARCHIVE, alumni only, free membership subject to approval and sponsorship by an archive member).


Another of the alumni posted a message to the group seen by this writer which indicated that they also would buy extra tickets to the movie after having just seen it with his wife.  The half dozen YAF alumni, who commented on this subject to the group, unanimously and strongly recommend the movie and that fellow conservatives should give it special support.  Their discussion on this topic is ongoing as of this writing.

If any of our readers know of an organization which would be suitable as a Co-Sponsor or Sponsor of this Thursday’s conference (or a future conference) or would like to attend we would appreciate you forwarding them the link to this article with the question, WHY NOT YOU?  Co-Sponsors receive 10 minutes time for the speaker of their choice at the conference plus a dinner ticket and another up to 10 minutes informal speaking time during the private dinner with the Admiral, the other speakers and the conference leadership.  The Conference anticipates that they may hit the “fire marshal limit” for attendance at the room so for those within the Northern Virginia-DC metro area they need to act quickly to be a participant in this conference.

Everyone who reads this and who makes use of social media – whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or one of the other sites, is urged to help promote the movie and the conference by sharing the link to this article and the other links including the conference flyer and Eventbrite RSVP page to attend the conference which is complementary from 7 to 9 PM (suggested $5 donation at the door to help pay for room rental).  Those interested may come earlier for the optional dinner with the conference speakers and leaders, 5:30 to 6:30 PM.

After the conference has concluded the remarks of Admiral Lyons will be available at the conference website and via their free e-newsletter full text of his remarks plus the video recording.


Glenn Ryt posts opinion and reporting articles here at REDSTATE (see https://redstate.com/glennryt) and at the Freedom Leadership Conference (http://FreedomLeadershipConference.org) as a coalition-minded, full spectrum conservative and to support the Freedom Leadership Conference in northern Virginia and its sponsors.  Started over 17 years ago among its 60+ sponsor organizations are Human Events and The Washington Times National Weekly Edition.  Glenn Ryt welcomes new friends at his Facebook Page.  Conservative organizations are welcome to inquire about being a co-sponsor or sponsor of a future weeknight conference scheduled in Northern Virginia during the next 5 months.






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