One Does Not Simply 'Move On' From a Coup

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Now that Robert Mueller’s report dropped a MOAB on the Russia Collusion narrative, some nice folk on the right are calling for ‘moving on’ and healing.


Hard pass, thanks.

When former Director of the CIA John Brennan, otherwise known as patient zero for the what can only be called a soft coup, now wishes to blame years of treasonous behavior on ‘bad intel’ and skate by – it’s definitely NOT time to move on.

It’s time to make sure each and every co-conspirator is exposed and held accountable.

The problem is it is precisely the urge to ‘move on’ and ‘heal’ on the right that let the traitors believe they could seek to overturn an election, falsely impeach a duly elected president, and destroy anyone who got in the way.

We must remember that this was an attempted coup, not a ‘hoax’ or a misunderstanding or ‘bad intel’.

While we have heard the term ‘coup’ many times recently, and perhaps we’ve grown used to the idea. But this is something many of us never really imagined would be possible in the United States of America.

And yet here we are.

I’ve believed for a while that we are in a cold civil war between the hard left and everyone else. As we’ve seen with AOC, Omar and the rancid Justice Democrats and their toxic Green New Deal, their vision for America is incompatible with a free people.

If we are to avoid this escalating from here, we need to not gloss over the seriousness of what’s just been exposed for one instant.

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. Do you think we’ve heard the worst of what those behind this coup did?

Considering that we already know from various testimony and documents that from the top of the Obama administration down to key players in the DOJ, State, FBI, and the media conspired to take down the Trump administration and destroy the lives of many around him (including his family), I’d say there’s a near 100 percent chance that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.


For those who don’t agree, rewind to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the Iran Deal (and the IRS scandal, etc.) and you’ll see this coup is just another example in a long list of corrupt and evil activities by the previous administration.

After all, what we know now to be true was once (still is) considered tinfoil hat conspiracy just a few years ago by the Never Trump Bulwark True Con brigade.  Those who wanted answers were called Red Hats and Trumpists and worse.

Good riddance to those who were so uninterested in seeking the truth.

Those of us who didn’t fall for the scam, or got ‘woke’ long ago, have a duty to not risk falling back asleep.

The public is easily distracted and life comes at us fast these days. If we become complacent and breathe a sigh of relief that this Mueller fiasco is over, and if we make the fatal mistake of moving on then the perpetrators (traitors) will learn nothing, retain power, and almost certainly return stronger one day.

We don’t tolerate infections. Why would we tolerate a coup?

The fact of the matter is that too many in our government have forgotten who they serve (hint: they only serve themselves).  They do not fear the wrath of the people. They only fear electoral consequences to a degree. And even then, creatures such as Pelosi, Schumer, and others burrowed in deep blue districts do not fear for their political viability. They simply seek to manage the narrative and the news cycle with lies.

This is how Obama skated through eight years of his disgraceful presidency while claiming that there were no scandals when his presidency was fueled by corruption from beginning to end.


That is how someone like Grammy Pantsuit could still be guzzling chardonnay in the woods instead of wiling away her remaining years in prison.

Inevitably, at times like these, there are those who talk of watering the tree of liberty and all that. Let’s seek every alternative remedy first, shall we?

Our liberty would be greatly preserved if our elected officials were terrified to be involved in something as treasonous as this coup attempt. There can be no quarter for those who engaged in this conspiracy because it is their veneer of respectability and their infiltration into so many American institutions that allowed this to happen.

For our ruling elite, the loss of prestige and power and wealth is a fall from grace they cannot imagine or perhaps endure. Our dear friend Creepy Porn Lawyer is hopefully just one of many to discover the downside of being a scumbag when the rule of law is enforced.

But this process of making wrongs right won’t be easy…

The Progressives have spent the better part of a century dumbing down the electorate through our schools, entertainment, the media, and they’ve waged a culture war to ease us into the idea of tyranny.

Too few citizens are actually even aware of what has happened.  Too many were duped by such transparent, stupid lies. The idea that Donald Trump, a billionaire capitalist who has spoken for decades of wanting to reform America, would be a willing stooge of Vladimir Putin is the kind of stuff that wouldn’t make it past the first draft in a Hollywood script. Oh, wait, yes it would because that’s exactly the kind of propaganda that Hollywood pumps out with the express purpose of brainwashing American youth and the unthinking masses into believing that America is inherently unjust, that our Founders were filthy racist tyrants, and that Judeo Christian culture is evil.


As with anything the left says, the opposite is the truth. Whether it’s academia, whether it’s in regulations, or court decisions, or in story and music, the left portrays traditional values as the villain.

But it is THEY who are literally villains. They actually want to take away our freedoms. They actually are promoting racism as ‘Social Justice’ (say hi, Jussie!). They actually wish to have a caste system wherein only the politically correct and connected have a voice and everyone else can sit down and shut up (like in Venezuela, where ‘shut up’ means die of starvation).

They actually wish to disarm us so that in the end we can’t do a damn thing about it.

That is the precipice on which we stand. And someone who has expressed this very clearly is Kurt Schlichter of Town Hall who has been beating this drum for quite a while. You really should read his latest post in its entirety.

There are folks on the right who don’t want to believe these things could be happening in America. Bless their hearts, they project their own inherent goodness on the left – and that is a potentially fatal flaw that the left has exploited for decades.

As Streiff has noted here on the front page repeatedly, the Republican party will shun and disavow it’s own over the perception of a problem, whereas the left won’t do a damn thing about rape, manslaughter, or anti-Semitism – let alone voter fraud, corruption, and incompetence (has Guam tipped over yet?).

Then there are the miscreants known as Never Trumpers, who provide aid and comfort for those who wish to impose these new rules on the rest of us, either out of rank ignorance or malice. Doesn’t matter. The end result is the same. These people are on the wrong side on every issue. It’s almost unnaturally consistent.


At this point, the only people I trust are the ones who have been on the right side in this fight, willing to talk plainly about the emerging threats from the left, and unwilling to go quietly into that Never Trump good night.

Any calls from any quarters to ‘move on’ should be met with a firm NO.  The reality is that we must guard our republic. It’s only ours to keep if we protect it, remember?

After a few years of the Russian Collusion cloud hanging over President Trump’s head, it’s time to evaluate who was right and who was wrong during that dark time.

Those who were mocked as morons, like Hannity, the Freedom Caucus, and even Rush and Levin, are owed apologies for one reason: they were right. Again, as with the president, I don’t care if you like them or not. The truth is what matters most in an age of corruption and lies.

Who sought the truth and who sought to mislead?

This is black and white.  Those who were on the wrong side need to be remembered (ain’t that Wright?).

Whether you like President Trump personally or not, he’s at the epicenter of this fight. So far, he’s leading in the right direction and he’s prevailing against all odds. But we can take nothing for granted. This isn’t about him and we must never forget that.  There can be no tolerance for Failure Theater from those on the right (and don’t trust anyone on the left, period). From now on, any Republican less willing to fight than Donald Trump is unfit for office, IMO. I’m pleased to see old favorites like Cruz consistently in the fight, with new allies like Crenshaw joining in.  Others, like Cocaine Mitch and Graham, have been welcome surprises and much ground has been gained, especially in the courts (which will be critical in the fight ahead).


Let’s never forget – Never Trumpers have been wrong about everything.  And Obama promised a fundamental transformation. Thankfully, he and his chosen gin-soaked successor were too incompetent to fully see their vision into reality.  But they got close. Too close.

And they did real damage that we’ll be repairing for a long, long time.

Remember this: Had the Never Trump nitwits had their way, President Hillary would have stacked the courts with willing toadies who would legislate away the 1st and 2nd amendments – and with them the rest of our inconvenient rights.

We know today that Fake News is indisputably the enemy of the people. Those who cry that Trump attacks the press can stop now.  He’s been telling an inconvenient truth.

We know that certain pundits on the right and almost everyone on the left actively gaslighted the American people in an effort to regain political power and undo the people’s choice in 2016. If that’s not the enemy of the people, I don’t know what is.

Every single one of these people needs to be held accountable in direct proportion to their actions. Some should be fired, some should be prosecuted. All should be forever stained by their willingness to usurp the will of the people and undermine our electoral process.

Now is the time to choose a side. You either stand with those who believe in the founding principles of this country or you stand with those who wish to strip us of our rights. It is that simple. It’s us or them.

Once again, it’s a binary choice.

We either have the rule of law and it applies to everyone, or we don’t.


We can’t move on until that question is answered in regards to those behind the Russian Collusion ‘hoax’.

Bad infections don’t simply go away without medicine. And we can’t simply move on.

It’s time to give this matter the attention it deserves and let your elected representative know where you stand.


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