Trump Triangulated at SOTU and Democrats Schiffed Their Pants

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It turns out a bad speech for Democrats is great news for America.


It turns out the pro-choice billionaire playboy just called out infanticide from the Bully Pulpit.

It turns out the guy some ‘conservatives’ insisted would betray conservatism just declared America will never be a Socialist nation.

You don’t need me to rehash the entire speech, but I do not envy the Democrats tonight.

They are left to stand against:

  • Record low unemployment
  • Protecting Americans from drugs and murderous gangs
  • Rising income for Americans (especially the middle class, women, and minorities)
  • Freedom, the rule of law, and optimism for our future
  • Smiling for American success stories and patriotism
  • Lower drug prices and lower health care costs
  • Ending foreign wars
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Defeating Aids in 10 years
  • Fighting childhood cancer
  • Choosing greatness

And in the week that hapless halfwit Virginia Governor Northam gets roasted for blackface/KKK outfits, the sisterhood of the socialist Democrats chose to wear All. White. Suits.

If CBS live polls are any indication, 76% of their viewers support the president’s position on issues like immigration in tonight’s speech.

Clearly struggling to spin the disaster for the left, Juan Williams declared Trump swung and missed tonight – but he’s the equivalent of the Democrats’ Baghdad Bob.


I don’t put any faith in instant polls, but my gut tells me that Abrams Democratic response was inane and forgettable.  The pious Jake Tapper tweeted that Abrams hadn’t even watched the SOTU and instead delivered a canned response that she wrote herself – it showed.

Her narrative was dystopian and disconnected from reality in every way.  And that is emblematic of the Democrat party’s predicament: President Trump dominated the high ground and left them to defend the swamp and deny common ground is possible when it’s plain for all to see throughout the speech.

The Democrats can’t stand against human trafficking and modern slavery (shocker, right?).

They can’t stand against murdering babies AFTER delivery!

They can’t win on that in 2020.

They can’t deny it.

But they will.

And that has them scared schiffless.

And that’s great for America.

Here’s my SOTU for you.  There are places in America where you are unsafe to wear a MAGA hat today.

The deplorable behavior is coming from anti-Trumpers – and I believe by 2020 we’ll see a preference cascade.

Whereas it has been socially awkward to support Donald Trump in many circles, by the time this triangulation is over, if current trends continue, it could be socially awkward to say you’re a Democrat for many who realize Trump speaks more to their values than the Democrats – regardless of what the media propagandists say.


Who wants to stand for Socialism, against America, and for infanticide? I mean, really think about that.

As time goes by, the left’s hysterical Chicken Little act wears so thin it’s proven transparently false.

They are behaving like the enemy of the people.  And once the Mueller investigation raps up and more facts unfold about Spygate, that statement will prove to be even more literal than we can probably imagine today.

The president’s staked out the high ground.

The Democrats are in the gutter, wedded to Socialism and infanticide. Their hive-mind base may stand for that, but it’s no right-wing conspiracy to say most Americans do not.


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