7 Questions for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on Border Security

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An open letter to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.


In your rebuttal tonight you did not answer President Trump’s question about whether you’d end your obstruction of funding for border security if your loved ones were affected by illegal alien crime.

Because of that omission, I have 7 questions for you to answer for the American people.

Question 1: Why did you vote to spend 50 billion for foreign aid and yet won’t agree to 5.7 billion to save American lives who don’t live behind walls like you do?

Question 2: Are you willing to sacrifice another 4,000 American lives on the notion that the barrier you previously voted for is now suddenly an immorality and not who we are?  Or would it be prudent to spend 10% of what you lavish on foreign aid to complete the wall just in case it would save one American life?

Question 3: Why do you believe opposing President Trump’s proposed border security (that you previously voted for) justifies allowing more Americans to be raped, maimed, robbed and killed at the hands of illegals?

Question 4: Is there a number of American lives you are not willing to sacrifice if this government shutdown proves politically beneficial to Democrats electoral prospects?

Question 5: Is it your belief that American citizens should no longer be prosecuted for heinous crimes like rape and murder? If not, why do illegals have special immunity from prosecution denied to Americans not named Ed Buck?


Question 6: If you do not support walls to protect society from violent criminals, when should we remove walls and barriers around jails and prisons that incarcerate American rapists and murderers?

Question 7: Would your support for completing the barrier you previously voted for but now won’t fund because Trump is president change if one of the future victims was someone you love?

Considering that the votes you cast on this issue alone may make the difference between life or death for our fellow Americans, I believe the people deserve answers to these questions.

Be sure to address why you and other leading Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton previously voted for the very border security you now refuse to fund.

Your answer better go beyond just “Because Trump.”

That would be an immorality.  That’s not who we are.



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