Why James Gunn Deserved to be Fired by the New and Old Rules

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Brandon Morse wrote a thoughtful piece in defense of James Gunn.  It’s well worth checking out.


I just thought I’d point out a few reasons why I strongly disagree, even though I’d prefer we lived in a world where we could agree.

1) Defending James Gunn at this time is premature. I think we’d be too quick to dismiss the potential that there is more than sick jokes in this guy’s past. Given the sheer number of ‘jokes,’ it is worth investigating because let’s face it, most people have made a bad joke or even said something regrettable. But to do so thousands of times about a subject so vile indicates there is something genuinely wrong with this guy.

I will not dismiss the possibility that his pattern of disgusting and truly deranged pedophilia ‘jokes’ could be indicative of actual pedophilia, and I don’t care that his current friends who want to believe the best of him are defending him. Of course they are. So what? Have they investigated? Or are they just more comfortable believing their pal is not a pedophile because of what that would say about them and their judgment?

No free passes. Investigate.

Would anyone be surprised if authorities found 100 percent not funny kiddie pics on Gunn’s hard drive?

2) The ‘we are better than that’ argument fails in this and many contexts. Why? Because that is how we got here. That is how we got Trump.  The left was allowed to descend into the vile anti-American SJW fascism with zero tolerance for ‘wrongthink’ because the ‘right’ ceded the battlefield and pretended to be above the culture wars.  Andrew Breitbart was right and we forget that at our peril.


When the leftist mobs destroy careers of those on the right for violating their made up codes of conduct (Cultural Marxism) and we just let the bodies pile up and say ‘tut tut, that’s not nice you guys’, they literally are empowered to hunt for more scalps. Weakness invites more evil. We did NOTHING against these monsters until recently, and they are now in a position to mob innocents in virtual and physical form.

Trump supporters have been beaten severely in places like San Jose and at rallies and elsewhere, and these SJW fascists have zero fear of reprisal. That is unhealthy for society and unjust for the victims. Let’s face it, people who fear consequences tend to behave better. There is inherent good in making these cretins play by their own rules. If they want to destroy even good people for perceived wrongthink, then a pervert who makes pedophile jokes with glee can go down and I’ll smile about his freefall, not only because he deserves it morally, but because they collectively need to learn that this mob rules knife cuts both ways. THAT is the only way you stop them from adopting this tactic.

Imagine the scenario like this. “Nuclear war is bad, mkay. Just because the USSR is building world ending nuclear ICBMs, doesn’t mean we let them lead us. We are better than that. We value human life, etc” And the Cold War ends a whole lot different. Like with humanity enslaved and the entire globe wrapped in an Iron Curtain.


That’s a hard NO. We stock up on MORE nukes and let them know THEY will be obliterated if they so much as point a finger at the damn launch button. Their entire nation will be melted into glass, along with their wives, their kids, their parents, grandparents, and all their vodka swilling red-nosed friends. And THEY will be dead.

Mutally assured destruction, it’s what’s for breakfast, people. It’s what kept the Cold War from turning hot.

3) Disney’s brand really can’t stand with a pedo-joking freak. Gunn should expect to get fired, their customer base consists of families with kids. If he regretted his tweets, he should have deleted them years ago, or preferably, not made thousands of pedo jokes in the first place because who does that??? Where there’s smoke there’s fire. What is Disney going to do if they keep him or rehire him and months or weeks from now it’s revealed he touched little boys and girls or has sick pics stashed away? Remember Jared from Subway? Doesn’t do a company good to have monsters on the payroll. Gunn should have resigned if he wasn’t fired. Lesson? Don’t be a disgusting prick. Corollary lesson: Being a leftist won’t save you if you’re a disgusting prick.  Those days are over (except for Peter Fonda, he apparently gets to be a disgusting prick and get his movie out anyway).

How about no quarter for leftists? Too many are immoral by virtue of being Marxist, unAmerican, Constitution hating loons. I believe leftism is cancer. Look at the more than hundred million dead in the 20th Century to Socialism and Communism (and yes, Democratic Socialism, too).


Liberalism today is merely a gateway drug to leftism, it’s a slippery slope over time, so being a mush-headed liberal isn’t a defense anymore either.  Folks like Obama and Bernie told us Venezuela was the model for America just a few years ago.  Were they well intended? Should we not hold them accountable for how that ‘model’ turned out?

I believe we must be vigilant against leftism the way a doctor is vigilant against cancer. No more stalemate as we drift toward tyranny like we have for decades. Are we not worse off as a nation for playing their ‘bipartisan’ game?  Where are the moderate liberals in the Democrat party leadership? Where are the moderates in Hollywood?  The Old Rules are gone because we didn’t defend them and the Left’s New Rules are toxic to the Republic.

It’s time to insist on defeating the left and holding them to the same New Rules. Even if this Gunn pervert is a special redeemed snowflake, he gets to pay for their rules. NO EXCEPTIONS until they stand down. It’s either that, or we face destruction by their rules. And frankly, that’s not acceptable.

Besides, even by the so-called Old Rules, I think a guy who made thousands of pedo jokes gets fired from Disney.  So he deserved it either way.

Here’s the bottom line. The government at the Federal and state level can’t do much about these online mobs, can it? The government won’t even prosecute those who terrorized American cities after the innauguration. Too many of those Antifa terrorists still walk around free because they wear masks and the men and women they’ve ambushed and beaten don’t know who to report to the police. It is the anons on the ‘chans’ doxxing some of them, it is the others doxxing this Gunn freak, it is the pushback that is the free market of street fighting that will balance out the equilibrium and hopefully prevent this from escalating from career killing to actual killing in the streets.


If you want the Old Rules to have a chance of returning, of decency returning, then make the left live by their New Rules.

The SJW fascist left needs to fear mob rules as much or more than anyone fears them. Or there will be no peace.  I assure you, we may be better than them in morality and in love for the rule of law and the constitution, and our ideas may just inherently be better, more moral, and lead to better outcomes for humanity, but they are entirely serious about their domination of the culture, politics, education, law, and everything else, right down to the straws in your drink.  As with cancer, a tiny amount may go undetected and you won’t know you’re sick. A little more and you get sicker.  A lot of cancer will just kill you.

Fighting cancer doesn’t guarantee you’ll live, but ignoring the sickness and hoping it will go away is suicide.

This is a culture war, a cold civil war perhaps, and whether we like it or not won’t change that fact. What we’re comfortable with doesn’t matter. They won’t stop unless they are stopped, preferrably of their own volition.

The activist and terrorist left understand and wield intimidation and fear, their rules are disgusting and potentially civilization ending, so let them feel the pain in equal or greater measure and they’ll behave out of sheer self-preservation.

Right and left can agree to disagree. We can agree to hate each other from afar but be civil. But we can’t be the ones to refuse to fight while they make up the rules with the sole purpose of terrorizing us into submission.


Seriously, we don’t want this to get worse, draw the line of battle with ending careers instead of putting people in body bags.

Ask Steve Scalise what it’s like to be a defenseless target for these Bernie Bro true believers.


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