Dear Media and Friends: Stop Lying About Everything Trump Related

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Normally I’m not a fan of the ‘Stop X’ style of post.


But a great post by Alex Parker inspired this follow-up.

He hit the nail squarely on the head.

When it comes to stories about Trump, Caveat Emptor.

On so many issues the media is just lying.

Worse, they’re getting more extreme as each month passes.

This week they’re rolling out the ‘Hitler’ narrative over the Trump administrations enforcement of existing immigration law.

Funny thing is, they didn’t call Obama a Nazi for detaining kids in ‘cages’.

The Resistance Really Brings Out the Worst in Trump’s Critics

While someone like Bill Maher can be honest and say he wants the economy to crash to get rid of Trump, and he doesn’t care if millions are hurt, most of the media can’t be that blunt.

They have to imply Trump failed in Singapore just by meeting with Kim.  They seem to root for him to fail, even if that means thousands or even millions die in war.

The media doesn’t seem to care that MS13 and the Mexican cartels use our porous border the way Amazon uses UPS and Fed Ex. Or that Americans and immigrants alike are the victims of violence, drugs, and even human trafficking.

Really, it doesn’t matter what the issue, the media and their friends like Republican Senators Flake, Corker, McCain, Sasse, and the usual suspects like Jeb Bush will chime in using the same coordinated talking points.


The Fake News is Real

And it’s not just CNN or the New York Times or Washington Post (nobody expects MSNBC to tell the truth anyway).

Trump isn’t just facing a lie here or there.

The opposition, including certain ‘Republicans’ and all Democrats and the media, spew the same false narrative using the same talking points.

Whether it’s this issue or ‘Russia Collusion’ or any other, they lie.

More specifically, they advance a unified message, gaslighting the public with an unwavering commitment to the agenda.

The truth is but one casualty. The real victim is the rule of law, the American people, and the Republic itself.

The mainstream media are not reporting the ‘news’. Instead, they tell us what they want us to believe. Big difference.

They hate Trump with a white-hot passion because he is wrecking their carefully constructed fraud. He’s exposed the GOP as a group of parasitic hot air spewing frauds who pretend to fight their friends the Democrats. It’s the Uniparty. They all have one interest: screw the American people for wealth and privilege.  admittedly, there are some good Republicans,  but there is much rot in the party and ZERO good Democrats.

That’s why Trump’s favorite tactic is turning whatever the issue is around on his opponent. I’ve said many times before, his enemies are extremely committed but luckily quite stupid. They can’t seem to calibrate to Trump’s rather simple game plan. Doesn’t take 4th dimension chess to roll out ‘Art of the Deal’ repeatedly. They’re just too stubborn to read his book and anticipate the inevitable.


Sad! For Them…

Good for the American people, who are enjoying the historic economic growth that eluded us for almost a decade.

To borrow Obama’s favorite phrase: Let me be clear. Before Trump leaves office, there’ll be a wall.  The Democrats will cave on reforming our broken immigration laws or lose enough seats in the House for Trump to pass what he wants anyway.

Why? Because his agenda is populist. What does that matter?

It’s, um, popular.

He didn’t pick a bunch of unpopular leftist agenda items to shove down our throats like Obama.

Trump’s just following a reasonably conservative agenda and keeping his word and punching lying media and the Democrats in the face with the same playbook Bill Clinton used to defeat the Republicans.

It’s the economy, remember?  But Trump has outdone President Clinton by stacking patriotism on top of the economy.

It’s really no surprise that Trump’s taken the working class and even some minorities away from the Democrats. It’s devastating to their electoral prospects.

Maybe after a Red Wave in 2018, the Dems will behave better, if only out of self-preservation. I think the Republicans in Congress are going to learn to get with the program, too. Once Corker and Flake and the other Never Trumpers are out of office, more MAGA stuff will pass.


If Trump’s foreign policy is ‘We’re America, Bitch’, his domestic policy is “I’m Trump, Bitch”

If Lindsey Graham gets it, the rest won’t be far behind.

But let’s stick with North Korea, for example.

I do believe it’s possible Trump could prevail in de-nuking the Korean Peninsula. Why? Because he boxed Kim in by using economic leverage on China. Without China, the Nork’s goose is cooked.

Art of #Winning

Trump gives his opposition a way to win to achieve a larger deal. If Kim gives up being a tin pot murderous dictator, he gets to be legit rich and have a real country. That’s better than watching his wretched fiefdom turned into a smoldering bomb crater filled with charred bodies.

As for the Republicans, they’ve played the Failure Theater gig with the Dems for too long. They made their fight look like such a struggle. Nothing really good could ever happen. They always lost the big fights, like abortion and major regulatory reform or rolling back the state’s power.

But Trump has changed the calculus. He’s turned everything upside down, bigly.

If the opposition keeps playing zero-sum chicken with Trump, they’re going to be run over.

They do not have the truth on their side. The people can see who is obstructing and who is getting things done on their behalf.


Their behalf, you ask? Yes.

Do you think there’s a big constituency for unemployment, higher taxes, and unrestrained regulation and SJW fiat government? Not anymore, there isn’t (ssshhh. Don’t tell Pelosi).

Have you noticed that Trump will say something, like on DACA, or the Ms13 ‘Animals’, or whatever, and a week or two later the polls show the public basically agrees with him?

The Uniparty believe their own BS. That is their blind spot.

They say Trump’s a doofus, unstable, an idiot, etc., but the reality is that he’s picking these fights. He stakes out the favorable ground politically because he’s preaching unity, prosperity, safety, and patriotism. What are they left with? Lies and stupidity.

That’s why they all lose. He leaves them defending the indefensible or sputtering nonsense and the facts eventually bear him out. Why? Because he knew the facts before he picked the fight. He plays ‘loose cannon’ and they fall for it.  Remember ‘wiretapping’? Well, the outrage over Trump’s accusation over Obama’s wiretapping didn’t age well, did they?

Let’s face facts.  Trump is Lucy with the football, his unhinged opponents are Charlie Brown.

The Democrats used to play that game on the Republica. But now neither party’s establishment knows how to react to Trump turning the tables.


So they react badly.

Except for Lindsey Graham. He appears to have learned to triangulate. Those politicians who survive Trumpism will probably have to do the same. They’ll have to at least pretend to be populist and vote that way enough to avoid being exposed as Uniparty holdouts.

Love Trump or hate him, this is the deal.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Trump. I was horrified when he won the primary and I was terrified Hillary would win. Ever since I’ve been trying to take the measure of this president because he was hard to pin down at first.

But I’m starting to get it now. And I’m glad that the opposition still does not get him.

I’m not tired of winning yet.




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