NYT Runs CYA Story on Deep State Anti-Trump Operation "Crossfire Hurricane"

For those who held out hope that the “Muh Russia” narrative would ultimately prevail, today is ego Armageddon.

Life comes at you fast, anti-Trumpers.  And like dominoes, the pillars of the ‘Russian Collusion’ are collapsing tonight.

Well, if you’ve been following verboten reporters like Kim Strassel at the Wall Street Journal, or John Solomon, or Sara Carter, or Trump Bestie Hannity, you knew tonight’s revelations were likely to be exposed sooner or later.

I know it’s been super fashionable among the Never Trump set to mock these people as obsequious Trump shills, but the inconvenient truth is they’ve been reporting this story for a year.

Those who preferred to believe Hillary shills over fellow Republicans and conservatives who happened to support Trump, you’ve got some soul searching to do.

This one time, I’ll link to the New York Times, because they are breaking what I believe is a pre-emptive CYA story by the Obama Intelligence Community.

Fair warning, if you have a beverage, put it down before reading their absurd, self-contradictory, and soon to be debunked as a vain whitewash attempt.  Otherwise, brace for liquid shooting out your nose.

Just know that as bad as this narrative collapse is, it’s about to get much, much worse.

Consider this the ‘let them down easy’ segue for Never Trumpers who’ve invested their psyche and credibility in the Hillary/DNC spawned narrative that Trump colluded with Russians to win the 2016 election.

Anyone who believes that fraudulent story after reading this NYT story should, I don’t know, stop eating lead paint chips.  Read it and weep, fellas, everything you’ve been led to believe about Mueller’s farce investigation has been propaganda.

I’d say I told you so, but frankly, I take no credit and claim no particular insight.  I’ve just been willing to read up on sources deemed to be ‘Trump Toadies’.

The Never Trumper’s reward is discovering, at long last, that you’ve been punked by a corrupt media, covering for a corrupt Deep State, under the direction of the previous administration and their presumptive heir, Hillary Clinton.

Good news, Never Trumpers still can hate Trump 100%, but new talking points will be needed because the Russia, Russia, Russia thing is kaput.

If you want to get caught up on what you missed while in your cognitive dissonance trance, here’s a primer.

Why is all this happening tonight?

Why is Trump attorney Giuliani reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has said he lacks the authority to indict Trump?

The answer is likely in the other news most might have missed, which is that the long-awaited Inspector General report on the dirty Keystone Cop ‘investigation’ of Hillary Clinton is in final draft form and due to come out within a few weeks.

We’ll have to see what facts are revealed in that report.  It could be a nothing burger.  But if that were the case, why the pre-emptive story in the New York Times? Why the apparent retreat by Mueller?

I submit that the next IG report is likely to be highly embarrassing to the bad actors involved. I don’t know why they even bothered with feeding the NYT this assinine story, but hey, what difference at this point does it make?

I don’t know if anyone involved in these efforts to block Trump from winning the election, and to undermine him since Inauguration, will face the legal consequences I believe they richly deserve.

But I do think folks like Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff and Resistance Muppet Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters will be an almost unlimited source of schadenfreude.

Oh, and keep a close eye on everyone’s favorite disgraced former FBI Director, ‘Leaky’ James Comey.

What we know tonight is damning enough.  What’s coming next could erase any vestige of Blue Wave in November.

As was fashionable to say here not long ago, I’m rooting for metaphorical injuries.  Full stop.

For more details from a fellow diarist, check out Paul Montagu’s in-depth diary on Crossfire Hurricane here.