The Beltway GOP Establishment is Pushing a Pro-Abortion Senate Candidate on Oregon

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The national narrative today suggests that the chances of the Republican Party taking over the Senate in November are increasing as the map of competitive races expands.


One of the states that the pundits are increasingly talking about is Oregon.  If you are listening to the Beltway establishment, including Rove, you would think that there is only one Republican candidate running in Oregon — Dr. Monica Wehby.

The problem with this is two-fold:

1)    Monica Wehby is not the only candidate running for the Republican nomination

2)    Monica Wehby is a liberal Republican and proudly pro-abortion.

Luckily, Oregonians have an alternative. His name is Jason Conger, and my organization, Oregon Right to Life, has proudly endorsed him.

Despite being abandoned by his mother as a child and suffering periods of homelessness, he nevertheless worked his way through community college and graduated from Harvard Law School.

Conger has been endorsed by nearly every Republican state legislator in Oregon and 97 percent of Jason Conger’s itemized contributions have come from Oregon.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of Monica Wehby’s itemized contributions have come from out-of-state, thanks to the DC GOP establishment’s support of her candidacy – including contributions from Senators Susan Collins, Saxby Chambliss, and Richard Burr.


The Beltway GOP establishment – likely orchestrated through the NRSC – thinks they know Oregon better than those of us fighting here in the trenches.

It is simple: the Beltway GOP establishment does not believe that a conservative can win in Oregon. So they are trying to hoist a liberal Republican on Oregon conservatives.

I have a simple request: Stay out of our state, and let us choose the best person to represent our values to be on the ballot this November.

Gayle Atteberry, Oregon Right to Life


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