An open letter to Charles Woods: Go ahead, sir, take the lie detector test, live, on air, WITHOUT Hillary

Charles Woods, the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was killed in the Benghazi attack, recently challenged Hillary Clinton to a lie detector test, to prove or disprove whether or not she did in fact tell the family members of the four dead Americans that the YouTube video was responsible for inciting the attack on the Benghazi compound.


Of course, the Clinton campaign ignored the challenge.

Hillary, when asked recently by a reporter, “who was lying about Benghazi, she or the families”, merely shrugged and said, “…it’s not me.”

Good for you, Mr. Woods. Bless your heart.

But please, don’t stop there. Keep going with this. Push forward. 

Everyone knows that lie detector tests are not admissible in court. But everyone also knows that they are in fact highly accurate, and probative. Police use them all the time to eliminate suspects.  Multiple federal agencies use them to confirm the veracity of employees.  As for corporations, The Employee Polygraph Protection Act allows polygraph tests to be used in connection with jobs in security and handling drugs or in investigating a specific theft or other suspected crime. Polygraphs do work.

So please, Mr. Woods, hold a press conference, and make the following statement:

“As many of you are aware, both myself and several other family members of three of the four Americans killed at Benghazi have repeatedly stated that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told us, during the ceremony at Dover AFB when the caskets of our loved ones returned to America; that the attack where they died was caused by anger due to an anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube.  Secretary Clinton, has repeatedly denied making these statements. Most recently, when asked by Tom McLaughlin, a columnist for the Conway,  NH Daily Sun that “..somebody is lying. Who is it?” Clinton replied, “Not me. That’s all I can tell you.”


“I am here today to repeat my statement that Hillary Clinton is lying. And I believe the American people must know that someone who is seeking the office of President of this country is a liar.”

“Accordingly, I am now making the following offer.  Next week, on (date and time) I will appear in a public forum. I ask that the media, both TV and press come together and they collectively retain several of the most recognized and prominent polygraph experts in the country to administer to me publicly, and they may broadcast it live if they choose, one or more polygraph tests to determine if I am indeed telling the truth about what Mrs. Clinton said to us. Let me be perfectly clear. I have NO conditions or requirements whatsoever. I leave it entirely to members of the fourth estate to organize and schedule this. I would hope that this would be aired live, and the results discussed. I also have had no contact with any of the other family members about this. You, the media, are of course free to contact them and ask if they too are willing to participate, and undergo public polygraphs.  I expect they will, and then the American people  will be able to reach their own conclusion.”


The MSM will go wild with this. Talk about MUST SEE TV!!

They’ll be a daily countdown until the night ( because this will happen LIVE, in prime time, on ALL the cable networks..) And it will dominate the news cycle each day until then.

Imagine the ratings!!!

And imagine the angst in the Clinton camp





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