The FIRST question at the CNN debate should be: "Are you in favor of shutting down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood?

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Normally, I detest those debate questions that ask the candidates for either a show of hands or a one-word answer. However, Bret Baier’s first question at the FOX debate, “Will you promise to support the eventual nominee and NOT run as an independent,” definitely was right on point, and stirred things up, to say the least.


The GOP candidates debate this coming Wednesday, and here’s hoping that Jake Tapper follows Baier’s example, and starts off with a request for a show of hands; asking if each is willing to shut down the government if necessary in order to defund Planned Parenthood.

First, a  few obvious points:

1. CNN is no friend of Republicans and conservatives, so they’ll welcome the chance to seemingly sow discord in the GOP ranks.

2. “Government shutdown” is the oxymoron du jour, because the government won’t in fact shut down…something like 85-90% keeps chugging along, gobbling up money.

Most people don’t really understand that, and of course, CNN won’t go out of its way to clarify the point…we might even get a question or two about “will Social Security check still go out? (like Uncle Sam is still mailing 100 million checks each month) ..designed to strike fear into the hearts of low information voters.

However, that risk is eminently worth while taking.

Polls show that the majority of ALL Americans want Planned Parenthood defunded. They are disgusted by the videos.

The overwhelming majority of conservatives and Republicans (you know, all the little people who elected a GOP controlled Congress) wanted it ended, and AT ALL COSTS,  NOW!!..EVEN  IF IT TAKES A SHUTDOWN.


About the only ones who a)don’t want to do it because they’re afraid of getting blamed for it, and/or b) don’t think it’s worth fighting for, are the GOPe and leadership, as personified by Boehner and McConnell.

But because these early debates are really for the benefit of GOP primary voters, let’s cut right to the chase…have each say yes or no how they stand, and why.

We’re in the culling process now..thinning the herd of candidates, and this is going to accelerate that much needed process.

So, CNN, please do go for it.

Ask the question, call for a show of hands, and then Tapper, if you’re really  smart, and I think you are  (in that you know what really makes for good television is confrontation) just step back for a while and let them have at each other.

Erick and many others here have again and again shown the perfidy of the GOPe and parts of the pro-life establishment in fundraising over the need to defund PP, yet in fact failing to act.

McConnell calls it an “exercise in futility.” He wants to “keep calm, avoid catastrophe.”  Well Mitch, pray tell us, how many more dead babies qualifies as a “catastrophe?”

So, if one of the people on stage Wednesday wants to be the head of the GOP, the next President of the United States, and, oh yeah, the leader of the free world, let them start acting like it by telling the GOP Congressional leadership to s**t or get off the pot.


It will define the presidential primary, but just as important,  embolden conservatives in Congress to openly challenge the leadership now, if that “leadership” will not, in fact, lead.


One unrelated thought, while I’m here..

Fearless prediction: Wednesday night, at the very start of the debate, if he’s savvy ( and I gotta give him credit for that) look for Trump to present Carly Fiorina with a big bouquet of flowers..




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