I suppose we should be grateful that Obama didn't invoke Michael Sam at the UN.

Yesterday, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, Obama continued his tradition of knocking America at every opportunity, holding the recent events in Ferguson up to the world as a shining example of, “nope, we ain’t perfect, but we’re trying.”


Not surprisingly, it’s the one line in an otherwise totally blah speech that got any attention. But we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s what Obama does best, which is:

The self-deprecation of America: Obama’s magical mystery tour belittling, disparaging, and  undervaluing  the nation which MY President, Ronald Reagan, termed “that shining city on a hill.”

Back   before he was elected President, whenever Obama needed to rent a car, he would only do so from Avis. Their message of “We’re #2, we try harder” deeply resonated with him. We now see it morphed full blow into a national policy of “leading from behind.”

And as for Reagan’s “shining city,” well….. those “thousand points of light” won’t glow nearly as brightly when lit with those godawful, and expensive, new CFL bulbs.  But hey, that’s the idea, right?

But look at the two lines in the speech immediately after the Ferguson reference:

“So yes, we have our own racial and ethnic tensions. And like every country, we continually wrestle with how to reconcile the vast change wrought by globalization and greater diversity with he traditions we hold dear.”


Man…that opens up a lot  of doors..er, cans of worms….

Obama could have referred to Michael Sam, or the question of the Redskins name…or heck…the whole question of football. I mean, the whole world goes gaga over “futbol”, right, except for the USA. And it’s dangerous, man.

Wonder how the parents of Trayvon Martin felt? Their son wasn’t mentioned at the UN, despite that fact that “if I (Obama) had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Come to realize, Michael Brown,the “gentle giant” of Ferguson, didn’t rate a mention either. Maybe that’s because if might remind folks of Michelle’s collapsing campaign against childhood obesity.

The heads of state assembled to hear Obama’s speech  include some of the vilest, cruelest, most evil and despicable people on the planet, yet our President chooses to give them moral cover by donning a faux hair shirt and loudly proclaiming our own purported shortcomings.

Here’s a suggestion for the next President, when he speaks to the General Assembly:

Ladies and Gentlemen: We meet here today in this great cosmopolitan city, New York.  I can say “great,”  now,  because a former mayor, Rudy Guiliani  recognized that to work successfully, a city must deal with the small issues before you can fix the bigger problems. And thus, the mayor introduced his policy of  “broken windows” policing, which proved to be so successful that New York  City turned itself around, emerged from the darkness, and became the great metropolis we meet in today.


The same applies to the United Nations. So, before we can begin to deal with the problems facing the world; indeed, before I will meet with most of you and discuss these issues, I have but one request:


Thank you, and good day.



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