Whoa!! Pat Caddell channels Erick Erickson at CPAC, and other observations.

Don’t know how many of you caught Pat Caddell’s  address at CPAC, but it was fascinating. He excoritated the GOPe, the money men, the Roves in our midst. And then he went after Boehner.  He all  but called for the House GOP caucus to toss him overboard. Powerful stuff.


Note: I’ve looked for a video of Caddell’s talk, but couldn’t find a link. If anyone has it, kindly post the link. Thanks.

One might think that Pat was reading from any of Erick’s columns.  Good stuff.  Actually, if one took a picture of Erick, age-enhanced it by 30 years, and gave it facial hair, you might come up with, well….

A few other observations:

Carly Fiorina gave a superb speech.  Where was this same passion and fire during her Senate campaign?  Sure sounds like she’s going to try again in 2016, either against Boxer, or possibly for an open seat if Feinstein decides to retire early, after the Dems lose the Senate.

Dr. Ben  Carson is the real deal. He’s a joy to watch,  and was obviously enjoying himself at the podium. He sounds like a candidate (even to introducing his wife to the crowd.)


Carson would be a superb VP candidate..would help the ticket. And given that we’ll still be dealing with the Obamacare mess in 2016 ( it will probably be the key issue in the campaign, absent another war) imagine if the GOP nominee, announcing Carson as his VP, said that Carson would be put in charge of developing policies and solutions to fix the health care issues we face. That alone would guarantee that the seemingly inevitable path to socialized medicine would be stopped  dead in its tracks.


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