It's Science You Bigots. They Want You To Believe She Was Born That Way.

This is becoming a trend. Some parents want their little girl referred to as a boy in school.

A 6-year-old transgender student at a Katy daycare has sparked quite a discussion about how the school should address the issue with the child’s classmates. Two employees who disagreed with the way the private school owners was handling the situation were fired.


There is no science here. None at all, but we get this quote in the story:

“I think there’s a strong indication that a lot of this is biological,” child psychologist Dr. Andrew Brams tells Fox-26.

This, well, this part is just total coincidence and unrelated at all and screw you, you hateful bigot if you dare to think there might be something more than biology at work:

One added element of the story is that the child’s parents are both men. FOX 26 has spoken with the couple. They did not want to discuss their situation, and we are not revealing their identity.

Just a totally pure coincidence. After all, they told us people are born gay, not turned gay. No, don’t you bring up the evidence. No. IT’S SCIENCE YOU BIGOT. SCIENCE!!!!


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