Another Data Point to be Ignored That Political Reporting is B.S.

Matt Bevin won Kentucky by EIGHT points. It was not even close. Every poll had it very close and many predicted the Democrats would win.

Kentucky is not alone. Throughout the nation, polling has been incredibly flawed. Heck, it has been flawed internationally. Look at the British election last year where no one saw the Tories getting an outright majority, which they did.

The polling was flawed in 2014. It was flawed in 2012. It was flawed in 2010. Kentucky is just the latest example.

But even though we have another data point that the polling is flawed, the media is going to continue to shape its political coverage based on the polling. The debate stages will still be set using polling.

Certainly, polling trends tend to be more accurate, but the media is not using trends so much as the numbers and the numbers are wrong. The American people are getting their news coverage shaped by this flawed data and candidates will rise and fall based on this flawed data.

It is a sad commentary on the news media, which has gotten more and more depending on polling to shape coverage of process while more and more rejecting coverage of policy and personality within campaigns. It is lazy journalism and, despite this data point, the media will keep on keeping on in this way.

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