Hillary Clinton Comes Out In Favor of Mandatory Gun Confiscation

H/t to the Washington Free Beacon. Hillary Clinton today came out in favor of a gun confiscation program. She said a gun buy back program “would be worth considering on a national level” like Australia put in place.


There’s just one catch. Australia’s program was mandatory. Citizens in Australia were given no choice but to hand over their weapons at a price point set by the state.

Hillary Clinton wants to do that in this country.

Again, every time the Democrats are called out on their solutions, they cite Australia as an example, but they never go into detail. They never do specific policy proposals. This is why and Hillary Clinton finally outted her proposal — confiscate guns in an Australia style mandatory gun buyback.

Never mind that it would be unconstitutional under current understanding of the Second Amendment. If she wins, she’d simply appoint people to the Supreme Court who disagree with the Heller decision and are prepared to throw it out. That decision solidified the second amendment as an individual right.

Get ready America. They really are willing to start openly talking about taking your guns.

By the way, Barack Obama has already mentioned Australia’s gun confiscation program four times: here, here, here, and here.


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