New York Times Writer, Philip B. Richardson, Tweets "F You" to Jeb Bush

Philip Richardson is a writer for the New York Times. Jeb Bush had a discussion this evening on poverty and Mr. Richardson did not like Jeb Bush’s answer to a particular question.

In addition to cheering a “Black Lives Matter” activist, Mr. Richardson tweeted out, well:

That’s right. The guy works for the New York Times. He also completely distorted what Jeb Bush was talking about in terms of having strong families. Anyone who has ever heard Jeb Bush knows he knows poverty weakens families and, as a result, the family unit needs to be strong and supportive of one another to beat the odds.

But Philip B. Richardson had no desire to understand Jeb Bush. He just wanted to tell him “f–k you.” I expect he will be getting a promotion to the editorial page tomorrow.