I Hope There's Something More for Rick Perry

I really like Rick and Anita Perry. They stay on my prayer list because I know how much time they spend praying for others. And I hate to see his campaign reach this point where even his South Carolina headquarters is closed, though the work continues there.

The longest serving governor of the largest of the lower 48 states who created 1.5 million jobs when all other governors combined lost 400,000 should be ending with a bang, not a whimper, if he is to end.

I know the partisan indictment in Texas has weighed the campaign down. After the Texas Court of Appeals dismissed one of the two counts, but ruled they did not have the power to dismiss the second as well, fundraising to the Perry campaign dried up.

I hope Perry can have a last stand.

If I were him, I’d do a public shake up of the campaign. That’s not to say he does not have a good team around him, but if he wants free media attention, he needs a big shake up and a new team.

Then I’d go to Old North Bridge where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired at the Battle of Concord. I’d point out that Washington now is more abusive to the American people than King George ever was. The problem is not Democrats in charge of government, but government itself.

Then I’d declare war on Republicans and Democrats in Washington alike. I’d pick up the old campaign theme of making Washington as inconsequential to our lives as possible. And I’d point out that Black Lives Matter is a response to police having, against their will, to become revenue agents for an ever growing state. Only small government can address the underlying concerns.

If I were Rick Perry, I’d at least want to try for one last stand. And, frankly, Rick Perry deserves one last stand to try to turn it all around.

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