John Kasich's Jesus

John Kasich, Ohio’s Governor, is running for President on the platform of telling Republicans painful truths in order to get free media exposure as a “truth teller.”

Kasich will tell anyone willing to listen that Jesus demanded he expand Obamacare in Ohio. He said that one day we’d stand before our Creator who would demand, “What did you do for the least of them?” Kasich would be able to proudly respond that he expanded Obamacare thereby saddling future generations with untold debt and inferior healthcare.

Yesterday, Kasich told people that they need to get over Roe v. Wade because it is the law of the land. The statement came the day after a new Planned Parenthood video showed a child having his head cut open, as his heart was beating, so his brain could be extracted and sold.

What kind of Jesus demands John Kasich expand government, but accept Roe v. Wade? I’ll tell you one thing, it is not the Jesus who spoke the world into being. I don’t know who John Kasich’s Jesus is, but I suggest he leave him at home next time.