Congratulations Dr. Ben Carson

Twenty-four hours ago, a report surfaced that Dr. Ben Carson had used fetal issue in research that came from aborted fetuses.

Dr. Carson has now released a statement a statement that the fetal tissue did not come from abortions.

Less than eight hours ago, Dr. Carson was attacked because news reports claim he supported a universal healthcare system in 2007. I have not seen a rebuttal yet, but I am sure one will be forthcoming.

So, in other words, I am not the only one who now sees Dr. Carson as a legitimate candidate. Some campaign is now out doing oppo research on him and dumping it. This, in fact, seems to set Dr. Carson apart from Donald Trump as outsiders. Opposition research at Carson is being targeted at him based on core issues within the GOP. Not so with Trump.

Someone out there is starting to take Carson very seriously. And they should.