What Happens When You Rescind an Invitation to Trump?

What happens when you rescind an invitation to Donald Trump?

Well, my RedState email is suddenly maxed out due to a flood of very angry emails. I’ve been called queer, an n-word lover, Megyn Kelly has been referred to as the c-word.


My office phone line’s voicemail has also gotten maxed out with angry phone calls.

Last night, people were leaving voicemails in my hotel room — having somehow managed to navigate the hotel switch board. At 3 o’clock this morning I had to unplug the phones in my room.

My twitter feed is unusable. It’s just angry people, many of them very recently created accounts of people following few others and with little to no followers. But I can’t interact with much of anyone because of the timeline.

Greta Van Susteren exacerbated it earlier today with her tweet piling on me, which brought in her followers on top of Donald Trump’s. They could not really distinguish that I had apologized for things I had said and Trump just changed his story.

Facebook is much the same way.

RedState suffered a denial of service attack throughout the night and into this morning.


Yesterday, my wife and kids had to pack up and leave the hotel because the few angry people were very loud and vocal as my kids were present. The kids got upset and scared so were unable to see the Gathering or go to last night’s party. The party itself was fine. Only two people told me they disagreed and they characterized it as “understanding but disappointed.”

It’s the whirlwind of hate right now, but at least voicemail is maxed out and email is crashed.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. Rescinding my invitation to Donald Trump was the right thing to do.


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