Plunder & Deceit is Out TODAY

Mark Levin has a new book out called Plunder and Deceit. It may not be exactly what you expected, but it is exactly what you need.

Actually, I’m not exaggerating about that. I have been wondering as the culture shifts what I need to be thinking about in relation to my kids’ ethics, morals, and values. We have a shelf of Dobson at home and others. Those are terrific books focused on faith and values.


But what about political values? We’ve got Bill Bennett. But with the leviathan of government growing, we need to know more.

Mark Levin is a great guy and a friend. A few weeks ago he sent me an advance copy of Plunder and Deceit. It hits the mark for where my present thinking is (pun intended).

The book is a call to action for parents as the government continues to grow and, through growth, pressure and coerce our children. It is also a call to action for younger voters, showing them the road forward, suggesting ideas for action, and a push for a new civil rights movement for individual liberty.

If you are a parent or millennial wanting a political book that does not rant, but suggests and educates, this is for you.


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