Apple, Inc. Still Promoting Left-Wing Propaganda With Its News App

I mentioned last week that Apple’s new News app on iOS 9.0 is promoting a bunch of leftwing sources.

I refused to subscribe to any of them. Nonetheless, this morning I opened the News app and was confronted with the top story. It was from Vox, the leftwing playground that “explains” the news to make liberals feel secure. I never subscribed to Vox and beyond that I made sure to import conservative sources and like their stories to diminish getting recommendations from leftwing sources.


But not only that, the article was about the Vox “explainer” on the New York Times story about the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The story was written by [mc_name name=’Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’W000797′ ]’s former Political Action Committee employee, Jonathan Allen.

No, no, no leftwing bias there. None. Just ask them.

Apple is continuing to promote leftwing propaganda as news while downplaying access to any right-of-center sources of news. Here’s the screen shot of the latest.

IMG 0078



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