Meet Donald G. Kosin, Jr.

Donald G. Kosin, Jr. is no one I had heard of until tonight, but is someone everyone should know.

In Charleston, SC tonight there was a terrible and tragic shooting at a church. It appears at least eight people were killed. As of 11:40pm, there were still a lot of unknowns, though the shooter, yet to be apprehended, appeared to be white and the congregation black.


Just before 11pm, I tweeted, “Looks like an awful scene in Charleston, SC. Terrible.” It is tragic. People responded, Democrat and Republican alike, offering prayers.

But not Donald G. Kosin, Jr. Mr. Kosin’s response to my tweet was this:

But the important thing is that the right wing racist got to exercise his “2nd Amendment right”!

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First, it is no one’s second amendment right to kill anyone. Mr. Kosin claims to be an alumnus of both Northwestern and Georgetown Universities.

Second, we do not know the motives of the shooter or the political affiliation of the shooter. Maybe the person is a Republican. But maybe he is an atheist nutter. Who knows.

But who in their right mind looks at the immediacy of a tragedy and decides that should be their response?

Donald G. Kosin, Jr. should know that mental health plays a big role in events like this. But time and time again these days, instead of having a discussion about the mental health of these twenty-something, often white young men who go on killing sprees, we are instead treated to partisan diatribes on supposed right-wingers and their second amendment rights.


After the shooting in Arizona; after the shooting in Aurora, CO; after the shooting in Newtown, CT; again and again there are young men with some serious issues and no one wants to talk about that because too many of those in positions to talk about the mental health concerns would rather jump immediately to the second amendment and partisanship.

Donald G. Kosin, Jr. is just the latest and it is shameful.


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