The Beginning of a New Trail for Reporters

A political consultant, earlier this year, told me where she thought the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President would begin. She spoke of it matter of factly.

She said that on more than one occasion, as a company had business before a foreign government, President Clinton would take a trip to that country, get a meeting with the leader of that country because hey! it’s Bill Clinton, then work into the conversation the issues of that company. The implication as well was that Clinton’s travel was via the Foundation. But the conversation about the business came due to Clinton working for Teneo Strategy LLC.

Well, here comes the story about Teneo Strategy LLC and Clinton’s financial involvement. It turns out that Clinton incorporated WJC, LLC as his holding company for revenue generated with Teneo Strategy LLC.

State Department officials approved Bill Clinton’s consulting work for longtime friend Steve Bing’s Shangri-La Industries and another with Wasserman Investments, GP, a firm run by entertainment executive and Democratic party donor Casey Wasserman. The ethics officials turned down Bill Clinton’s proposed work with a firm run by entertainment magnate and Democratic donor Haim Saban because of Saban’s active role in Mideast political affairs.

WJC, LLC was also cited by Band in a June 2011 memo sent to State Department ethics officials asking for clearance to allow Bill Clinton to advise Band’s international consulting company, Teneo Strategy LLC. Band’s request said Teneo would use “consulting services provided by President Clinton through WJC, LLC.” State Department officials approved the three-year contract between the two companies.

None of the proposals detailed how much Bill Clinton would be paid.

So now reporters can go on the hunt. All they need to do is cross reference Bill Clinton’s travels to foreign countries with governmental approvals for various corporations shortly after Clinton’s departure. Teneo Strategy, LLC is probably also going to come under pressure to reveal its clients. Clinton too now may get more questions.

After all, considering how common it was for the Clinton Foundation to get money from countries dealing concurrently with Hillary Clinton, it is now extremely easy to see Clinton using the Foundation as his cover for travel on behalf of Teneo’s clients.

And at this point, sensing the blood in the water, reporters are really desperate to get these stories out there hoping for someone to step up and challenge Hillary from within the Democratic Party.