God Bless Texas

Liberals who are perfectly fine dropping a crucifix in a jar of urine and calling it art are appalled that Pamela Gellar would hold a “draw Mohammed” contest in Texas. “She’s just asking for trouble,” they proclaimed.

In fact, trouble did show up to try to kill and maim, but the only bodies without pulses were the Islamic radicals who tried to blow up the event. This is, after all, Texas. A security guard was shot and subsequently released from the hospital. The jihadis got a one way ticket to hell.

At the Pamela Gellar organized event near Dallas, Islamic radicals tried to kill people who turned out for the free speech rally, which the press called an “anti-Islam” rally. Liberals who gave all sorts of awards to the play “The Book of Mormon” were quick to denounce Pamela Gellar’s event as an unnecessary provocation against Islam. Some went so far as to suggest the organizers got what they deserved — or would have, except this is Texas and the only people killed were the Islamic radicals.

It is also worth noting that the media went out of its way to avoid naming the jihadis or even noting that they were Islamic radicals. The public, however, quickly learned the identities thanks to a merry band of ISIS supporters cheering on the attack and purportedly retweeting from the accounts of one of the attackers.

Over the next twenty-four hours, we can expect the media to wring its hands about “Texas gun culture,” the unnecessary provocations of Pamela Gellar, and a host of other issues. They will work very hard to suggest Muslims were somehow the victims and try to distance the story from Islam.

But it is increasingly clear that Islam and the First Amendment are not compatible, which means Islam and our constitutional system are not compatible. For every “peaceful Muslim” out there, there are far too many who want to maim, kill, and destroy ideas, people, and cultures they find incompatible and there are too few “peaceful Muslims” willing to stand up and speak out against their brethren.

Ultimately, however, the most telling thing to me is how quickly prominent leftists placed blame on the event organizers for holding than event instead of on a group of Muslims for deciding they can kill because they are offended. The left is, more and more, showing its true colors. It only believes in freedom of speech when it is speech they agree with.

By the way, this person writes for the New York Times: