Rushing to Judgment

I have no idea what happened to Freddie Gray. I know he was no angel. He had been in and out of trouble with the law. There were more than a dozen arrests for drugs, burglary, escape, etc.

But it is hard for me to believe what happened to him was deserved. He may have been no angel, but we are all sinners. If the police brutalized him during an arrest and denied him medical treatment, they need to be held accountable. There needs to be an investigation.

There are, however, two thoughts I have on this.

First, I can’t help but scratch my head that, however terrible this tragedy is, people want to burn down Baltimore over this.

Second, I’m at 100% on thinking we should not trust the people who believed “hands up, don’t shoot” was real to tell us what actually happened in Baltimore.

The media wants a rush to judgment for ratings. But I think we should wait and find out what actually happened.

As a bonus: I also don’t think we should trust the people who think President Obama is a sleeper-cell closet muslim super secret agent of one born in Kenya to tell us what actually happened or what Freddie Gray was or was not doing in the week or weeks prior to what happened.

Patience, however, is never cathartic and rarely generates the ratings TV wants.