Events Change Things

More and more news flows out on a near daily basis about the corruption of Hillary Clinton. I have said before and will repeat that one can understand everything about Bill and Hillary Clinton by understanding they have financial anorexia. Bill and Hillary Clinton look in the mirror and still see poor people.

So Bill Clinton got money under the table from the Russians while Hillary was negotiating a deal with the Russians. They, no doubt, assumed everyone else did it, so they did it. They had to keep up with the Kennedy’s and Kerry’s.

Now the Democrats, realizing this may be a bit much to push over on the American public, are looking elsewhere. Their gaze has fixed upon Martin O’Malley. He’s the handsome former Governor of Maryland, he’s musically inclined, he’s athletic, and he has the personality to connect with blue collar workers. He could be their total package.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Martin O’Malley is also the former mayor of Baltimore, MD, who campaigned on being tough on crime. He became one of the leading proponents of “citistats,” statistics used to measure the progress in fighting crime. He unleashed and emboldened the police in Maryland to crack down and clean up the city. The chickens of his policies, it will be easy to conclude, are now coming home to roost.

But that’s okay friends. They can always go with one of the socialists from New England or settle on Joe Biden.

Democrats are where the Republicans were after 2004. They have convinced themselves they have a permanent political majority. Ask Karl Rove how well that worked out for the GOP.

The lesson is very simple and it is one that should also give the GOP pause. Events change thing.