Hal Heiner for Governor of Kentucky

In the race for Governor of Kentucky, I have contributed $250.00 to Hal Heiner’s campaign and support him for Governor.

I do not know him. I know some people around him. But I have been paying close attention to Heiner, his positions, and the state of the race.

Heiner already has a 14 point lead. He is running a very solid race. I do like Matt Bevin a lot, but I have paid quiet attention to the race and dynamics and think Heiner has put down a better operation, a better ground game, and is already solid on the issues.

Heiner is a man of faith. He is a conservative. And he is willing to push Kentucky right. He’s not afraid of controversy, though he does not seek it, and I think he’ll be a good fit in the general election.

I wish not to speak ill of any of the candidates. But I have been paying close attention to the race. I think Hal Heiner is the best candidate. I’m happy to lend my support and my money to his election.