Your Laugh For the Day

To be fair, David Corn has been one of the Clinton critics from the left. But he will fall in line as she solidifies her nomination. That may mean, for him, that he turns his fire on the right and bites his tongue about Hillary, but it will happen.

That is why I find this to be so funny. You and I both know the media is going to fall all over themselves to support Hillary. Her bus tour, well planned and mapped out in advance, was declared by Chuck Todd to be the closest thing to spontaneous in politics. The Politico reported that Hillary Clinton would drive to Iowa, as if she herself would be in the driver’s seat.

As I noted here earlier and on twitter, for the next 18 months, Hillary Clinton is going to be the Jim Henson of the political press. Her hand will be all the way up their collective rectum moving their lips to sing ‘It’s Not Easy Being Queen’. And yet, with a straight face, David Corn believes otherwise.

IMG 1321

It is kind of sweet that he seems so earnest in that belief. He is also so wrong and will, over time, perhaps realize that he too is just a cog in the Clinton Machine.

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