Mike Pence, Stand Strong

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

A remarkable thing is occurring in Indiana.

Having passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that merely puts the “free exercise” clause on the same legal footing as the “free speech” clause, Indiana Republicans are now rushing to add protected classes of citizens who we are seeing this week do not need the state’s protection, but will use that protection to harass and bully others.


Not only that, Indiana’s legislature is rushing to fix a law where the fixes are responses to things that do not even exist in the law or the 20 year case history of RFRA.

What is even more remarkable is that Governor Mike Pence and Republicans in Indiana are rapidly retreating from the field on the orders of a group who are neither constituents nor supporters and who will, in fact, never support Mike Pence or the Indiana GOP.

The retreat from RFRA to something far worse than just not having RFRA is horrific to watch. Republicans are, yet again, surrendering as quickly as they can to people who revile them, will never like them, and would not pee on them if they were on fire.

If the change, as presented, passes the legislature, Mike Pence should veto it.

Call Governor Pence and tell him to veto the change — it is an over correction far too damaging to Indiana. His number is 317-232-4567.


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