They Need to Be Told Thank You

Yesterday, State House Republicans in Georgia defied the left and many of their major donors. They did the right thing. Everyone, myself included, heard they were going to cave. Everyone, myself included, knew a deal was in the works to gut the religious freedom legislation.

In fact, during a committee hearing on the matter yesterday, they substituted a strong religious liberty bill for a weaker version. Then they put back in all the strong provisions giving Georgians something they can be proud of.

Yesterday was a big win for religious liberty in Georgia. The fight is not over. The legislation must still go to a full committee, a vote in the House, and possibly a conference committee, but House Republicans in Georgia did a very good job yesterday.

They’ve gotten a lot of heat from a lot of us to do the right thing. They did it. Now please tell them thank you. Their numbers are below.



Beth Beskin


Johnnie Caldwell


Barry Fleming


Jay Powell


Tom Weldon


Wendell Willard