This Is What It Comes To

I was an elected Republican official. Before that I was a Republican political consultant and campaign manager. I have been a lawyer for a number of Republican candidates.

Today, I see [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] collaborating with Democrats to line up votes to expand government.

I see Republicans in Congress waffling on Obamacare and thinking of fixing it. I see Republican Governors slowly folding over expanding medicaid and state exchanges.

I see John Kasich tell me Jesus wants him to expand government in Ohio.

I see 300 Republicans beg the Supreme Court to impose gay marriage on the nation by unilateral fiat because they’re inconvenienced by it as a political issue and want to move on.

In Georgia, I see the State GOP raising taxes and refusing to pass religious liberty legislation. I see a party in the pocket of millionaires giving the middle finger to the middle class. And I see a bunch of politicians prostituting themselves to billionaires and trying to repackage their policies as “conservative” when they are not.

What the hell does the GOP stand for anymore other than “we’re not Obama”? No kidding. He’s more competent.

The GOP, at this point, stands for nothing and the highest bidder at the same time.

It is my hope that, at the RedState Gathering this year and on the campaign trail, the GOP Candidates will start painting the picture of what the GOP should stand for. I am frankly tired of the candidates throwing chum in the water. We already know Obama sucks.

So tell us what the country will look like after four years of you. Tell us what the Republican Party will stand for. What fights are worth fighting even if you might lose? What hill is worth dying on?

Right now, the GOP sees no hill worth dying on unless Sheldon Adelson or someone cuts them a check first. They see no cause worth fighting for unless they’ve mapped out their surrender strategy first.

Frankly, I’m just tired of a party with a bunch of prostitutes in charge who’ll spread eagle for the highest bidder and run at the first hint of trouble.