So They Were Actual Muslims Then?

There is an interesting thought experiment underway in my twitter feed.

For several days now the press and proponents of religious pluralism have told us that the terrorists in France were not actual muslims, or at least were really bad and unfaithful muslims. Further, they told us we should not extrapolate from their behavior that real and faithful muslims would behave in any appreciable way like these guys.


I tweeted this:

The outrage from people in the media has proven the point.

To do this would be to exacerbate the situation and cause further strife and outrage among muslims. And we could not have that, could we?

So either they are the muslims the media has claimed they were not or . . .

Just go look at the replies to that tweet and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

As Dan noted:

Mollie Hemingway gets the last word on this and is exactly spot on:


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