The Moral Minority

Turns out that 49% of people believe sometimes water boarding is justified. Further, 57% think it may lead to useful information. That is a CBS News poll.

According to Pew, 51% think the CIA methods against enemy combatants were justified, 56% think we gained useful information from doing so, and 42% oppose the Senate releasing its report while 43% support it.


In fact, as Pew noted, “the public expresses the most doubt not about the CIA methods and program itself, but about the Senate committee’s decision to release its report”.

What we have here is akin to the left/media furor over gay marriage, gun control, and its mythic creation of college rape culture. Convinced that gay marriage is a natural right, gun owners are monsters, and rape culture is pervasive, the left/media has set out to build a narrative on both complete with a quasi-religious canon and levitical judgment against those who refuse to believe.

Now with “torture,” they are at it again. They’ve defined torture as “all forms of interrogation we disagree with” while ignoring a key substantive point — no reporter would sign up for torture and yet many signed up to be water boarded and lived to tell the tale without PTSD.

They are invested not in facts, but in a cause. Facts are ancillary to their cause. It would factual to report that those involved in the CIA’s projects were not interviewed. It would be factual to report that the very same Democrats who are now blasting the CIA were, at the time, briefed by the CIA. But those facts undermine religious dogma and narrative.

The left/media finds itself a minority and, like so many opinion minorities in this age, have decided if they just shout and scream enough they will transform themselves into a majority.


The morally preening left/media would rather be outraged than be right. And if you are not as outraged as they are, you are not pure enough.

The left/media moral minority has all the hallmarks of a deranged cult. It’s only a matter of time before many of them lie down and die waiting for a comet to deliver them from [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] and conservatives.

In the meantime, when not distracted by the moral outrage of the day, they’ll salaciously report on leaks from Sony Pictures by terrorist hackers. The sick irony is that in claiming moral equivalence between the United States and jihadists, the media is collaborating with North Korean hackers. The terrorists have won. But not because we waterboarded them. It’s because the left/media has dutifully taken up their causes for them.


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