David Fin Ties Helps Veterans

This is your non-partisan, non-political post of the day.

For the last month or so, after noticing someone I follow on Instagram promoting David Fin’s ties, I started following David Fin on Instagram. I am a tie snob. I have tons of ties. I used to need them for work when I was a lawyer. Now I need them for when I am on TV and on the speaking circuit.


I’ve always been a Brooks Brothers tie person, but I have started finding more and more than when I show up at Republican events, everybody else has the same Brooks Brothers tie. So I want something more original, but it needs to be quality. I travel a lot. Ties can get wrinkled and ruined easily if you are not careful.

David Fin just launched his tie collection. You can find it here at Davidfin.com. It is as I had hoped. As I usually do of late when interested in this sort of stuff, I ordered via a friend so my name wasn’t on it. The tie showed up and it was perfect in every way. The fabric quality is great. The stitching is nicely done. And there’s one additional detail that is not ancillary, but fundamental to David Fin ties.

David employs veterans. He has partnered with Hiring Our Heroes. He has put veterans to work in his business, giving them meaningful job opportunities after leaving the service. That’s worth a tie right there.

So if you want to get someone a tie for Christmas that most assuredly will not look like all the Brooks Brothers ties in church and you want good quality and want to help a veteran, David Fin ties can take care of you.


I’ve got the blue and purple one. And I’ve got the sky blue one too. Did I mention I’m a tie snob? I need a twelve step program for ties. Christy is going to start making me give up old ones.

To conclude, I feel compelled to offer a disclosure: I’m promoting this because I like the product and like that they help veterans. I’m not getting paid, not getting free ties, and not otherwise compensated. It’s just a good tie and helps veterans.


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