"Voter Suppression" Street Theater the Media Should Not Take Seriously

40,000 voter registration forms have gone missing. Those voters, who Democrats have desperately tried to register to vote, will be unable to cast ballots on election day. At least that is the line being pushed by leftwing activists.


But it is simply not true.

Democrats want black voters to believe Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has denied 40,000 voters the right to vote in Georgia by willfully or accidentally making those registrations disappear. I was an elections lawyer in Georgia for years, interned for the wonderful Democratic Secretary of State at the time, and what is being alleged by Think Progress, the NAACP, etc. is simply impossible.

These leftwing groups want the press and black voters to believe wholesale disenfranchisement of black voters is happening. They have no really proof of it and there does not seem to be any. But if what they were saying was happening, it would be Democrats, not Republicans to blame.

In Georgia, all voter registration matters happen at the local level. When the Secretary of State’s office gets voter registration forms, they are immediately re-directed to the local Boards of Elections. The Secretary of State’s employees who sort the mail and re-direct the forms are not partisan, political hires, but long-time civil servants.

Local Boards of Elections process all the forms from voter registration forms to absentee ballots.

The most important part of the process is this: when the data is entered at the local level, it populates the state level. The Secretary of State has no control over it. The local officials populate the statewide system. Here is a great example — my absentee ballot.


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.23.55 PM

This is a screenshot from the Secretary of State’s website. It shows I have requested an absentee ballots and that I have received that ballot.

I never had dealings with the Secretary of State. I only dealt with the local Board of Elections in Bibb County, Georgia. They local employees of the county populated the statewide system with that information.

The same happens with voter registration data.

According to the New Georgia Project, it has had issues in Fulton, DeKalb, Chatham, and Clayton Counties. Those are all Democrat controlled counties. It is the local Boards of Elections in those counties, hired by Democrats, who input the data.

There is no paper trail. There is no evidence. There are only a bunch of left-wing activists claiming that they registered people. It is just a claim without proof. And it comes at a time Democrats are trying to convince black voters they must show up or have their election stolen.

It is street theater. If what the Democrats allege happened is true, it would be Democrats at the local level who were responsible. That is not likely. What is more likely is that they simply did not do what they are claiming and now want to blame the Republicans.


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