In Idaho, Christian Pastors Ordered to Perform Gay Marriages. You Will Be Made to Care.

It is one of the tenets of the current movement toward gay marriage. They get to get married, Christians are forced to provide goods and services if they demand it, but — and this is the key caveat of it all — but Christian ministers will not be forced to wed gays because of their religious concerns.


That was last week. This is this week where the government of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho is forcing two Christians pastors to marry gays.

Libertarian atheists who hate Christians and don’t like to admit it will find their exception at this point. Donald and Evelyn Knapp run the Hitching Post, wherein they perform marriages. “Yes,” say the libertarians, “it’s a business so they must provide accommodation.”

For the rest of us, the Knapps are Christians. They run their Hitching Post as a ministry and their weddings are religious affairs with quotes from scripture, etc.

That does not matter.

According to the state, the Knapp’s must provide gay marriages if they are to marry anyone at all.

You will be made to care. The Knapp’s will be made to care. And all the people who said this would never happen will move the goal posts.


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