Remember My Obama Theorem to Understand the President's Handling of Ebola

So many of you seem confused and confounded by what President Obama is doing. You really just need to remember my theorem about Barack Obama to understand him.

  1. The world will be more safe if the United States is less safe.
  2. The world will be more stable if the United States is less stable.
  3. Act against one and two only when polling demands it and only then in a way that does not actually undermine one and two.

President Obama entire Presidency can be explained by this theorem.

Now you can understand everything he has done and all actions he will take to to handle the Ebola situation.

Action 1: Put the guy who handled our jobless recovery in charge of Ebola and call him the Ebola Czar. Require he report to the lady who blamed a YouTube video for causing the Benghazi attack.

Action 2? TBD.


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