Leaning So Far Forward, MSNBC Falls Over


MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank. It is bad. It is also laughable.

The network has built itself around the Obama Administration. Just this weekend, one of its hosts began blaming Ebola in the United States on Rick Perry, privatized healthcare, and red states. The blame comes at a time when more and more Americans are deeply skeptical of government being able to do anything.


The network is hopelessly out of touch. It has hitched its wagon to liberal policies. It should be expected that as those policies fade, so will the network.

The only real bright spot is Morning Joe. The New York Times reports its ratings are fading too, but the show continues to be watched by power players in Washington, D.C. and carries influence greater than its viewership. It also helps its host is from the Florida Panhandle and can, unlike most any other host on the MSNBC lineup, relate to people who were not born with a silver spoon up their rear end. It is no coincidence that it also is the least insane show on the network.

Phil Griffin, the executive in charge of MSNBC, says “But we’ve got to get outside Washington and open up our aperture a little.” The problem is that when MSNBC gets out of DC, it only relates to the Upper West Side, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco where people maintain their love affair with Barack Obama.


Most all of its hosts drip with contempt for large swaths of the nation, cannot relate to most of the nation’s citizens, and don’t know the difference between a lawn mower and tractor. When your stars think a Boston butt is the rear of a socialite and a Waffle House is something from Hansel and Gretel, there’s not much hope for connection “outside Washington” without a house cleaning.


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