Adam Laxalt Prosecuted Terrorists in Iraq. Gets Accused of Paper Pushing by His Opponent.

Adam Laxalt is running for Attorney General of Nevada. On Friday night, he debated his Democrat opponent, Ross Miller. You can see the whole debate here, but the most unbelievable moment comes at the 38:30 mark.


Laxalt is a veteran who served as a Navy JAG officer in Iraq handling the prosecution of terrorists, Saddam Hussein thugs, and others. During the Surge in Iraq, Laxalt’s team had responsibility for more than 20,000 detainees in Iraq. For his service, he was awarded the Joint Service Commendation medal.

Now here is the fun part.

In Friday night’s debate, Ross Miller, the Democrat, had to face tough questions about receiving some $50,000.00 in gifts while in office as Nevada’s Secretary of State. To distract from this, Miller actually had the nerve to accuse of Adam Laxalt of hiding behind his military record and, in particular, claiming to have prosecuted terrorists when he was just pushing paper.

That’s right — Nevada’s Democratic nominee for Attorney General is accusing a Navy judge advocate general of pushing paper in Iraq.

Yet another Democrat who holds our military in contempt. If you want to donate to Adam Laxalt, go here.


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