This Is Troublesome

Last week, Senator Ted Cruz gave $250,000.00 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He wants the majority. Most all of us want the majority. I certainly want the majority.


I wish Senator Cruz had given the money to state parties or the RNC instead of the NRSC, which will use the Cruz subsidy to undermine Senator Cruz and his allies. But I also get the position Senator Cruz is in and will not throw rocks at a guy routinely hit for not being a team player when he shows he can be a team player to get the majority. I may not like it and may prefer he did otherwise, but I do understand and respect his position.

I hope, having given a quarter million dollars to the NRSC, Senator Cruz can do something about the latest stunt at the NRSC. On the day much of the media world was buzzing positively about Senator Cruz’s speech to the Values Voters Summit, the Communications Director of the NRSC, now subsidized by Senator Cruz, was attacking the very group Senator Cruz was speaking to for putting money ahead of values.

It is ironic that a group whose staff and outside consultants have routinely attacked Senator Cruz and his supporters would gladly take Senator Cruz’s money. It is more ironic that this group would then attack another group as putting money ahead of values.

And let us not mince words. Brad Dayspring is the Communications Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. His statement about the Family Research Council and its Values Voters Summit cannot, in any universe, be considered just his personal opinion. That opinion — that accusation — has consistently been directed from the NRSC, its staff, and its outside consultants toward conservative groups. This is par for the course.


It is also now subsidized by Senator Cruz. To be sure, the subsidy is for understandable reasons. But the Family Research Center faced the very real threat of extermination for its values. It is beyond contemptible for the NRSC’s Communications Director to now accuse the organization of putting money before the very values that nearly led to its employees slaughter at the hands of a gay rights activist. And it is deeply disturbing that the NRSC’s attack would come on the very same day Senator Cruz addressed the Values Voters Summit.

Hopefully Senator Cruz’s subsidy can be used to fix this problem.


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