Congress Must Reject President Obama's Plan for the Syrian Rebels

We as a nation must do something about ISIS. The organization is a threat to our national security. If we do not kill them now, they will come here to kill us. They are not a rational player. They are an apocalyptic player. They do not just have expansionist desires. They have desires to bring about the end of the world to usher in the Mahdi and Jesus. We must deal with this threat in the Middle East or in some street in the United States. But the Congress must reject President Obama’s plans to fund, train, and arm the Syrian rebels. That is not a solution, but an Admiral Ackbar moment.

The New York Times documents just how flawed the approach would be. The hard-line Islamists among the rebels are the most effective fighters. The more moderate members are plagued by infighting, disunity, and mixed motives. The Syrian government blew up the leadership of some of the fractious groups just last week.

Now comes word that the very groups we wish to train, fund, and arm have entered into a ceasefire agreement with ISIS. The President cannot answer one basic question: if we train, fund, and arm these rebels, how do we know they will fight ISIS and not just keep fighting the Syrian government? He cannot answer that. With this latest news, it appears less likely the rebels will fight ISIS.

Congress should reject the President’s plan. It really is no strategy. We could more effectively train the various Christian militias in the Middle East that have sprung up just trying to preserve their culture. They would be vastly less likely to turn on us and we would be helping stop a genocide instead of potentially just exacerbating the Syrian civl war.

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